This weekend I had the pleasure of attending an Ikebana workshop by 5ftinf at the Arlo & Jacob showroom which was my first experience of this Japanese art. I learnt many interesting facts, created my first arrangement and also got to enjoy a demonstration of flat lay Ikebana too. 

Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement, also known as Kadō. The root word is from the Japanese word Ikeru which means to 'keep alive, arrange flowers, living.' In contrast to most western floral design, Ikebana compositions are based on asymmetry and noted for their mastery of proportional harmony between the flowers, vase & setting. A fundamental design principle is the arranging the flowers into three lines by tall, medium and short stems which originally symbolised heaven, man and earth. 

If anyone is interested in trying an Ikebana workshop, I highly recommend 5ftinf, lookout for future workshops on their website.