Bee Urban: Taster Beekeeping Workshop

In March I had the pleasure of attending a taster beekeeping workshop held by Bee Urban as part of the Find Your London Festival. This two hour session provided a fascinating insight into the world of beekeeping. 

Barnaby of Bee Urban began the workshop by explaining the components of a beehive and the equipment required. This was followed by an opportunity for people to get into protective bee suits to open up and inspect a hive. There was also a tasting session of various delicious varieties of honey produced both locally and further afield including Columbian honey. It was fascinating to taste the differences between the honey pots based on the location it was produced in. I learnt many interesting facts about bees and hives and had no idea that hives can be found in tree trunks which can be opened up. I also learnt there are bees who work in solitude and the photos with trees cut up with holes in them are for those bees.

All in all this was a fantastic workshop and I highly recommend making a visit to Bee Urban and give a helping hand where possible as bees need our help as they are massively under threat due to changes in agricultural techniques.