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I am a multidisciplinary female photographer living in London. My love of photography began some years back following the purchase of my first DSLR camera to capture a special family holiday in the Far East. By day I am a HR Project Professional and over the years I've found photography to be a wonderful escape from the hecticness of everyday life. 

I love that photography allows me complete freedom compared with other aspects of life where we are bound to conformism. I feel photography sets me free to go off with my camera and capture anything I wish from night lights to seasonal changes to landscapes! The only limitations are the ones I set for myself. 

Through the lens I've became so much more aware of the beauty in the world around me, both God given through nature and man made through city sights. Despite the many troubles in this world, I believe if we stop to look around we will see an incredibly beautiful world and that is what I hope to show through my images.

I'm originally from the North East of England but I now live & work in London. However I love to travel so I'm more than happy to take bookings around the UK and beyond.

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Photography services

As a multidisciplinary photographer I love to shoot different subjects so I offer a wide range of services:


  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Family shoots


  • Fashion 
  • Corporate
  • Events
  • Products


  • Charitable 
  • Environmental
  • Community projects

Photography packages & enquiries

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I have a selection of prints available to purchase which you can do so by clicking here.

You may choose a variety of sizes to print on paper, canvas, acrylic or metal.

If you have a specific requirement or any questions then please email me on info@sabbachoudry.com.